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TMI is an industrial company specializing in environmental consulting and recovery of hazardous industrial waste. Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


  • Soil base report

    It is a subsurface investigation (soil and groundwater), which is made to comply with the DEI, in order to have an initial state of the soil and use it as a reference, for the closure of the establishment.

  • Environmental outsourcing

    Through a single monthly fee, TMI addresses all environmental efforts that your company has to make in order to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce operating costs for your company.

  • Substancial change and no substancial

    To maintain our environmental authorization or license to the day we bring before the competent authority the relevant substantive changes.

  • Security advisor

    If your company loading and unloading dangerous goods subject to ADR should designate a safety adviser. TMI offers the possibility to outsource this figure.

  • Update legislation online

    In a simple way the system will remove the requirements for industry and will monitor the implementation thereof; also it has all the environmental legislation, industrial safety and occupational health.

  • Agente y negociante de residuos. Contrato de tratamiento de residuos.

    El Real Decreto 180/2016 implica cambios relevantes en la gestión de sus residuos. En TMI le asesoramos en el cumplimiento de los nuevos requisitos y le ayudamos a hacerse Agente o Negociante o a realizar el nuevo contrato de tratamientos de residuos

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