EMRE - Special Waste Minimisation Study

As the administration says, the state regulations indicate that all producers of hazardous waste must avoid to the corresponding Autonomous Community a study of minimization of hazardous or special waste (EMRE).

That's why today we explain what it is, who should present it and everything you need to know so that your company complies with current regulations.

What is EMRE or Special Waste Minimisation Study?

A special waste minimisation study (EMRE) aims to reduce the HAZARDOUS WASTE generated by a given industrial activity.

Minimising waste consists of reducing the quantity and/or dangerousness of the waste generated or recycling the waste generated at source (within the same factory).

Which companies must present the EMRE?

The EMRE must be presented by all companies, regardless of their activity, that generate more than 10 more tons of waste in 1 year.

How often should this study be presented?

For activities that are currently initiated (or those initiated after July 6, 2001) must submit the first EMRE at the time of initiating the activity.

For those companies that started business before 6 July 2001, the first EMRE had to be submitted by that date. If your company is in this case and submitted its previous 2015 study, 2019 is the deadline for submitting the new EMRE.

How to submit the EMRE?

The presentation can be done telematically through the application available in the Waste Documentary System (SDR) of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

It is necessary to have access codes to the SDR.

Do you have more questions about EMRE?

If you still have doubts about how to do this procedure or you don't know if you should present it, contact us and we will advise you.