Changes in the frequency of measurement of atmospheric emission sources
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  • Posted on Nov 10 of 2020

The “Direcció General de Qualitat Ambiental” has issued a briefing note which states that companies subject to environmental authorization scheme can adapt the frequency of measurement of its emission sources according to the classification that have Catalogue of these potentially polluting activities of the atmosphere (CAPCA), established by RD 100/2011.

According to this note down two possible criteria in measuring the frequency of sources:

  • If the environmental authorization includes sources cataloged based on current CAPCA, these sources must be measured according to the group that they are classified in the authorization. The frequencies are:

Group A: Measurement every 2 years.

Group B: Measurement every 3 years.

Group C: Measurement every 5 years. 

  • If the environmental authorization does not include classified sources based on current CAPCA:
    1. Apply periodicity as the periodic monitoring established in the environmental authorization (usually every 2 years).
    2. Apply periodicity depending on the classification of emission sources CAPCA. The responsibility of classifying falls on the owner. Environmental Control Bodies in each periodic inspection must ensure proper classification of sources and frequency of compliance measures.

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