Reminder! Deadline to file the Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water (DUCA)

The Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water (DUCA in catalan) is the statement concerning the volume and quality of wastewater discharged by industrial users that present to the Catalan Water Agency. This statement is used to determine the water tax, an ecological tax.

Present DUCA properly is an advantage, because a correct determination of the water tax encourages savings for users who do a good treatment and purification of wastewater before pouring it.

The presentation of the DUCA is required for industrial users discharging more than 1000 m3 per year and there are two different kinds of statement: abbreviated or basic, depending on water consumption and the specific characteristics of each discharge.

Do you have doubts about what kind of DUCA should be presented? Don’t you know how to declare it?

We can help you!

If DUCA presented in 2012, the last quarter of 2016 the deadline to submit their renewal. Do not leave it to the last minute! We can make the process quickly and easyly!