Deadline to file the DUCA: Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water

The Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water (DUCA) is the declaration regarding the volume and quality of wastewater discharge that industrial users or industrial companies present to the Catalan Water Agency.

What is the DUCA for?

The DUCA is used to determine the water canon, a tax of an ecological nature, that companies have to pay.

The presentation of the DUCA is mandatory for industrial users who discharge more than 1000 m3 per year.

Presenting the DUCA correctly is an advantage, since a correct determination of the water fee favors economic savings for companies that make good use of their wastewater treatment and purification systems before discharging them.

Who has to present the DUCA?

If you are a consumer of industrial water and your consumption is greater than 1000 m3 every 4 years, the DUCA (Declaration of Water Use and Pollution) must be updated.

This year you have to renew the DUCA if you presented the last one 4 years ago!


Risks of not presenting the DUCA:

There are 2 different types of declaration: abbreviated or basic, depending on the consumption of water and the specific characteristics of each discharge.

Making a correct calculation of the DUCA is VERY IMPORTANT since it can mean a saving in the water canon * that is paid quarterly to the ACA (Catalan Water Agency).

* The canon is the price per m3 that the company discharges into the sewer system.

If you pay a fee above what corresponds to you, we will adjust it so that you pay only what is necessary.

If, on the other hand, you pay a fee below what you are entitled to, it can also be an inconvenience since it may mean that the ACA annually reviews your discharges and decides to collect all that has been discharged above the declared price at once.


Do you have doubts about which DUCA you should present? Not sure how to declare it?

TMI offers its services to calculate your DUCA based on your discharge analytics history so that the price of the fee you have to pay is correct, no more, no less.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be well advised when presenting the DUCA.