EMRE - Special Waste Minimisation Study

As the administration says, the state regulations indicate that all producers of hazardous waste must avoid to the corresponding Autonomous Community a study of minimization of hazardous or special waste (EMRE). That's why today we explain what it is, who should present it and everything you need to know so that your company complies with current regulations. read more

Reports of land: preliminary situation soil report (IPS) and periodic status soil report (ISP) - FAQ

We resolve the most frequently asked questions on land situation reports read more

Do you know the statements to be done during the first quarter of 2017?

uring the first quarter of 2017 some statements related to the management of waste and emissions must be sending to the public administration. Let us advise you! read more

Reminder! Deadline to file the Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water (DUCA)

If DUCA presented in 2012, the last quarter of 2016 the deadline to submit their renewal. Do not leave it to the last minute! We can make the process quickly and easyly! read more

5 Advantages of outsourcing environment department

Conoce las 5 ventajas que supondrá externalizar el departamento de medioambiente de tu empresa con TMI. Desde mejorar la productividad hasta ahorro de costes. read more

Do you need to know what you are pouring with your water?

Si quieres saber qué es lo que sale con las aguas residuales de tu empresa o necesitas analizarlas para cumplir con un requisito de tu licencia, TMI te ofrece realizar el muestreo, análisis y posterior valoración de tus resultados. read more

Statements First Quarter: DARI, DAE, PEP, PRTR and PDG

Según la clasificación y el grado de afectación potencial sobre el medio de tu empresa, puedes tener que presentar parte o la totalidad de los siguientes trámites, antes de la fecha límite 31 de marzo ¿Cuáles son estos trámites y qué debes presentar? read more

5 Benefits of our Client Area for your company

In Tractament Mediambiental Integral (TMI) we are always committed to offer the best service, technical and functional, to help you and your company. So we have renewed our website and added a new functionality to improve your daily work. We present you, your space of Customer Area only for your company. read more