Reports of land: preliminary situation soil report (IPS) and periodic status soil report (ISP) - FAQ

What are the status reports of the soil?

These reports try to collect relevant information to allow the Waste Agency of Catalonia to know the possibility that occur or have occurred significant soil pollution in the places that are located companies filers. Its content is established in Article 3 of Royal Decree 9/2005 of 14 January, establishing the list of potentially soil polluting activities and the criteria and standards for the declaration of contaminated soils.

What is the preliminary situation soil report (IPS)?

It is the first situation report from the ground. All activities considered potentially soil polluting who were active before 7 February 2005 presented it to the Waste Agency of Catalonia before 7 February 2007. Those who have subsequently been established have 2 years to present it since they have granted their environmental authorization.

What is the periodic status soil report (ISP)?

The periodic status report (ISP) is a monitoring report derived from the preliminary situation soil report (IPS), which aims to update the data of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

ISp must be submitted with the environmental permit renewed or 10 years after presenting the IPS.

Who has presented?

The IPS and the ISP must be submited by those considered potentially soil polluting activities, as established in Royal Decree 9/2005 which are detailed below:

  • The activities included in sections of the National Classification of Economic Activities (NACE Rev. 1 93) listed in Annex I of RD 9/2005.
  • The activities that produce, use or store more than 10 tons per year of one or several of the substances included in RD 363/1995.
  • Activities that hold stores of fuel for their own use as RD 1523/1999, with an average annual consumption of 300,000 L and a total storage volume greater than or equal to 50,000 L.

Is it mandatory to submit them?

Yes, if your company is considered a potentially polluting activity of the soil.

What information must be provided? We have to do analytical tastings or holes in the floor of my company?

The information provided are mainly employed raw data, products and waste generated by your company.

These reports are documental and do not imply the obligation to carry out any specific analysis or testing, or having to drilling on the floor of your company.

How can we submit?

The presentation will be made available electronically by applying the Waste Document System (SDR) of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

Key access to SDR is required.

Do you have more doubts about the IPS or ISP?

If you still have doubts about how to submit these reports or you don’t know if you should submit any of them, get in touch with us and we will advise you.