Know the key implications of the entry into force of RD 180/2015 in Catalonia

The entry into force of Royal Decree 180/2015 is generating controversy in the waste management sector, as it implies a significant increase in the documentation to be processed for waste shipment and, as a consequence, an increase in the cost of the waste to be managed, which can be very important for waste generated in small quantities.

NEW in updating the documentation process to manage your waste

We bring you the latest news related to the entry into force of RD 180/2015. Catalan companies should pay special attention.

Updating the documentation process to manage their waste

Did you know that a new regulation on waste management has come into force? In our post we tell you how this new modification affects you so that you don't have any problems.

Guide Informe base de suelo

If you are looking for a guide on all the information needed to prepare a soil report in our post you will find all the necessary information. Our team specialises in this type of report.

Publication of the Program of Environmental Inspection Integrated

As every year since the entry into force of the Directive DEI, the General Direction of Environmental Quality has published the Program of Environmental Integrated Inspection in Catalonia. Les empreses incloses en el Programa d’aquest any ja estan començant a rebre la notificació amb la data límit per la realització d’aquesta actuació per part d’una Entitat Ambiental de Control.