We renew our page to get closer to you
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  • Posted on Jan 10 of 2019

For 25 years we have been helping companies to improve the environment by reducing the impact of each company on the world by complying with current legislation.

We are aware of the change that has taken place in the world in recent years and of the need to continuously improve and adapt to change.

At TMI we are lovers of productivity, efficiency, rigour and unconditional help to our clients to make the world greener, cleaner and more sustainable. For this reason and because we want to get closer to you, we have changed our website.

What are the benefits of our new website for you?

1. We are much closer to you

Now it is much easier to contact us. You can call us, you can write to us, you can contact us on linkedin.

2. You can consult the information from all devices

All the information about our company and yours available from any mobile or fixed device.

3. New news section

We are inaugurating a new news section through our blog so that we can communicate with you all the updates of legislation that may affect you, our new services, cases of good practices, fairs of your interest and much more.

4. Personalised customer area

Finally, we have created a new customer area with all the information and procedures we carry out. So that you always have them at hand.

What do you think of our changes?