5 Benefits of our Client Area for your company

In Tractament Mediambiental Integral (TMI) we are always committed to offer the best service, technical and functional, to help you and your company. So we have renewed our website and added a new functionality to improve your daily work.

We present you, your space of Customer Area only for your company.

The aim of this tool is to make your life easier by giving you access and control of all environmental documentation of your company as well as improve communication with us.

These are the 5 main advantages of the Customer Area for your company. If you want access to all your environmental documentation sorted and classified, contact us, we will answer soon.

1. All environmental documents to your reach

You will have the possibility of having all the documentation made by TMI (projects, audits, ...) and associated documents (analytics, inspection reports, measures of atmosphere, ...) in a completely orderly.

2. Upload, organize and sort your paperwork in a unifying storage

You will have the possibility of upload documents associated with your company that are not belong to TMI and thus unify storage space.

3. Follow-up tasks performed by TMI

You will see all tasks performed by our company and you'll have the opportunity to track of environmental projects and ongoing legal formalities with the administration.

4. Automatic control and notices of legal deadlines and formalities

You will dispose of a new system of automatic notifications does not pass any renewal of environmental formalities and order to ensure compliance with legal deadlines.

5. Download from anywhere all your environmental documents

Download in the moment all your documents from the device that you want. Both mobile, tablet or computer.

Want to know more about this service?

If you have any questions or would like to request your access, contact us or call us at +34 93 432 42 00.