Do you need to know what you are pouring with your water?

If you want to know what comes out with your company's wastewater or you need to analyse it to comply with a requirement of your licence, TMI offers you to carry out the sampling, analysis and subsequent evaluation of your results.

TMI has an engineering department specialised in the water vector, which offers, as one of its services, the sampling and analysis of wastewater, carrying out all the associated tasks and ensuring the validity of the results obtained.

Why choose TMI?

On-site sampling
TMI takes care of collecting samples at the company and transporting them to the laboratory.

Expert and qualified technicians.
Sample analysis by an ENAC-accredited laboratory.
Submission of self-checks
In the event that the analysis serves to comply with a water self-monitoring requirement, we submit it ourselves to the competent body.

Preparation of compliance assessment reports
You will be able to assess whether you are within the applicable limit values for the different parameters analysed.

Analysis of inspection counter-samples.
Advice in case of non-compliance.
If you would like more information about our services, please visit the Environmental Consultancy section of our website.