5 Advantages of outsourcing environment department

The quantity and continuous emergence of environmental regulations together with the diversity of technical aspects to be considered makes environmental management extremely difficult for companies.

To overcome these problems, the best option for companies is to outsource the environmental service, either partially (subcontracting only what cannot be done in-house) or totally (subcontracting an external environmental department).

At TMI we can help companies to do this and we will tell you about the 5 advantages of outsourcing your environmental department with us.

At all times you have technicians specialised in the different environmental vectors who will answer your questions and take the appropriate action in each case.

Greater flexibility
Absolute flexibility to adapt to the needs of each company, regardless of their size or the environmental aspect involved.

      3. Proactivity

Given the company's extensive experience, we are able to anticipate future environmental problems, allowing us to integrate environmental management into the company's strategy.

Cost savings
Immediate reduction of the associated costs as a result of a professional, more specialised management, more integrated with the rest of the company.

Continuous environmental improvement
Continuous improvement as a result of a greater knowledge of legislation, treatment systems, waste minimisation, and all environmental aspects that affect the company.


In addition, at TMI we are highly specialised in the water, soil and waste vectors, due to their large presence in potentially more polluting sectors.

Contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

"Let TMI be your environmental department".